Date Set: Japan's Internet Giant GMO Will Launch 7nm Bitcoin Miner on June 6

Japan's GMO Internet announced that it will unveil its flagship bitcoin mining machine, called GMO miner B2, equipped with the 7nm chips on June 6. Interested customers can register now for the upcoming information session.

Launching on June 6

The wait for 7nm bitcoin mining products from Japanese internet giant GMO may be nearing to a close, as the company announced Thursday:

GMO Internet Group will launch GMO miner B2, which is our own high-performance computer for mining (mining machine), on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. We will mass-produce the world's first mining machine equipped with a cutting-edge 7 nm process based semiconductor chip (7nm mining chip; ‘GMO 72b’), which will be shipped at the end of October 2018.

The company has been working on research and development of the 7nm mining chip since September last year.

GMO has been using "store-bought mining computers” for its mining operation launched in December, as previously reported. Now it is ready to start producing its own mining equipment made with this 7nm chip, which GMO will use for its in-house mining operation as well as offer 'the others to potential customers who are planning to mine,' the company confirmed.

While GMO has not released images of the real mining hardware, the company has provided some illustrative images of the GMO miner B2 currently in development.

Interested Customers Can Register Now

"An information session for potential customers considering the purchase of GMO miner B2 will be held on Wednesday, June 6 in Shibuya, Tokyo, and we will explain the details of GMO miner B2, such as price and performance,' GMO’s announcement reads.

There will also be an information session for the company’s cloud mining service on the same day. The sessions will be in Japanese. Registration is open to both interested customers and institutional investors. "Customers who have not registered in advance will be refused admission,” GMO emphasized.

Furthermore, GMO Internet no longer plans to use an initial coin offering (ICO) for the sale of its 7nm mining boards as announced in October last year. A representative of the company told, 'for this mining machine sales and cloud mining, we don’t plan to utilize ICO.'

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