is Hiring Editorial Staff ' In Tokyo, Stockholm and Your Town

Are you an experienced news editor or a news reporter with a nose for crypto' We are on a roll ' increasing our readership every day ' serving millions of readers each month. Now we are expanding our operations, and we're looking for several new hires for our central media production office in Stockholm, Sweden as well as for our offices in Tokyo, and for remote positions globally.

Full-time News Editor, – Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Full-time News Reporter, – Location: Where You Want.

We are also looking to add more reporters (anywhere in the world) to our global Bitcoin coverage team. If you're an experienced reporter/editor, your English is perfect and your knowledge-level on Bitcoin is to the moon, apply now!

Yes, you! Apply now'
You'll enjoy a great working environment, a lot of freedom and a great atmosphere at work (in the chatrooms, in our virtual offices and of course at location in our meatspace offices worldwide).

Required Background

* At least 2 years of education (journalism school) including practice in the domain
* Documented background from mainstream daily news reporting
* Should be able to work with web, mobile pages as well as video and podcast formats
* Minimum of 3 years in the cryptocurrency or currency related markets
* Knowledge on the history of Bitcoin, altcoins and blockchain development
* Journalist approach to news reporting, not just a great writer. This is not a blogger position, nor a PR role. If your experience is mainly blogging or PR there is no point in applying
* Bilingual preferred: English is a must, a second and a third language a plus

Our journalistic approach to reporting and our expert team of reporters give us the industry edge on delivering information 24/7 to the cryptocurrency communities. Do you want to be on the pulse of this industry' Come join us!

We are serious about what we do, but more importantly, we have a ton of fun doing it. With our headquarters in St. Kitts, where we regularly retreat, and an office in Tokyo, and new offices opening up in Sweden and Hungary, we are very excited about the future.

Apply via sending your CV, your personal letter and work sample to nanok(at)bitcoin(dot)com, with the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line.

When you apply, make sure to indicate what position you are applying for. If you are interested in the position of news reporter, please produce at least 1 publishable post in the same vein that we usually post, or an URL to similar work, and include that with your CV and personal letter.

Looking forward to working with you!

/Nanok Bie – Editor-in-Chief,
(nanok AT bitcoin DOT com)

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